It all starts with a free 15m phone consultation where we can set an On-site 45m consultation or get down to business and book your first session with one of our organizers

During the on-site consultation we can give you a more accurate estimate of how much your project will cost how long it will take and how many Space Composers will be needed. The price for that consultation will be deducted from the total cost if the project is booked.

After our consultations we offer different options for different people. Here are our most popular items:

DIY Plan Creating Session

In a two hour session with one of our specialist we will create an efficient 'plan-of-attack' that tailors your needs as well as offering advice on customized solutions and products that will make your space flow.

The New Beginning Session

Don't know where to start? In a four hour session with an experienced and resourceful Space composer organizer we will get the engine started into your dream space.

The Home Make Over Session

Six hours with two Space Composer team members will go a long way towards turning chaos into order and make your space harmonious.

The De-clutter and Donate Session

Get a 4-hour session with two Space Composer team members and we will make a run to the charity of your choice so you don't have to... talk about lightening up your load!

The gift of organizing

Know someone who could benefit from an organizing session (or sessions) with a talented Space Composer organizer? Get them a Space Composer gift certificate and give them the gift of an organized space.

Because we respect your time as much as we respect ours, we hold a cancellation/re-scheduling policy:   

Clients must cancel/re-schedule appointments within a minimum of 48-24 hours before the scheduled time. If cancellation/re-scheduling of an appointment is made within 48 hours the client must pay for half of the value of the scheduled appointment. If the cancelation/re-scheduling of an appointment is made within 24 hours the client must pay for the total cost of the appointment cancelled (eg: if a client cancels/re-schedules a six hour appointment within less that 48 hours, the client is expected to pay for the cost of a three hour session)